Renovation of 3 Bed Terraced House, South Dublin

Client Brief

Our client had a very specific design and finish in mind for her renovation of her small 3 bed terraced house in South Dublin. She was also quite restricted in her spend and timescale so it made it quite a challenging project to work on.

Her timescale for the project was 4-6 weeks.

Project details

The internal ground floor layout was changed from a separate kitchen then sitting room / dining room to a combined kitchen dining room and smaller living room. A brand new bespoke painted kitchen was installed, new heating system – conversion of oil to gas, new flooring along with a new partition wall with recessed sliding doors.

A brand new bathroom suite was fitted with new tongue and groove wall panelling.

While this was a lovely home to work on it had its moments! Halfway through the project we assessed that the heating system was not up to par to handle the new oil to gas conversion so this was an added cost that needed to be addressed. Also we had a 2 week delay due to the new windows being delivered and being 1 inch too short for the opening.

However even with this slight delay our client was still able to move in within her agreed timescale.