Independent Living Complex, Co.Laois.

Client Brief

In 2010 our client undertook a new development to create an independent living complex for people with learning disabilities situated in the beautiful rural landscape of Portlaoise.  The idea behind creating this complex was to enable individuals in care to make the move toward independence, yet still avail of the comfort of nearby support should they need it. Individuals can move from other higher dependency programs into a supported environment without the risk of being detached totally from onsite supports.

Our brief was to create a “home away from home” within the bespoke wood cabins.

Project details

This living complex comprises of 6 log cabins on a 7 acre woodland site on the outskirts of Portlaoise.  Each cabin is made up of a master bedroom, a bedroom for an individual’s guest, a bathroom and kitchen / sitting room. These cabins were provided by Shomera, and were built to a very high specification. We worked to deliver a high end functional living space for individuals with Aspergers or Intellectual Disabilities to enable them to advance within an independent model of care and live their lives in comfort.

The result is 7 beautifully situated comfortable homes whose interior reflect their surroundings