Garden re-design, South Dublin

Client Brief

Client Brief

Our client had the idea to update their garden from an overrun, impractical, unruly space to an unusual take on a Japanese garden.

Elements that were important in this redesign – must be child friendly and must be reasonably low maintenance. The design had to include the following:

  • A Patio / deck area
  • Planters
  • Faux Grass
  • A small Shed
  • New fencing
  • A new shared garden wall
  • A child’s sandpit
Project details

The final design is a symphony of colours both in Winter and Summer. The large mural is a take on Hokusai’s Great Wave painting and does wonders to lift the garden on a dull day. Rolled bamboo on the walls and planted bamboo adds to the Japanese theme along with a white Cherry Blossom tree. This is a stunning garden whatever the season and is really very impressive in its finish.